So today's the day to play "WHO WILL DON CHERRY CHEER FOR?"

Normally this would be easy. Let's break this down.

Team A: Sits in the heart of Canada, in the very symbolic seat of power for the entire country. Represents the only Canadian team left in the playoffs, and possibly the first Canadian winner in 14 years (or so) and the first NON-French Canadian, Canadian team in 17 years to win the Stanley Cup. The franchise was nearly bankrupt, but pulled out a nice existance. Plays 4 lines deep.

Team B: Originally named after a team coached by Emilio Estevez. Invented the Flying V. Was in the first of a wave of expansion franchises in the 1990's. Is based in a southern, war weather city. He's never said this, but I can't imagine Don Cherry being a big L.A kind of guy. top scorer is a Finnish skill-skater.

Obviously Cherry would be pulling for team A right? Not so fast.

Team A has a European Captain and plays more finesse "New NHL" hockey that he hates , and Team B plays the rough "Broad Street Bullies" style hockey that Cherry craves. What ids poor Don Cherry to do? will he cry on live TV? He may just kill himself, only to be disapointed to find out that inot only is it a cold day in hell, but in his personal hell that cold day has two European teams playing for the Stanley Cup.

Seeing Cherry cry when Bettman is handing the trophy to either, Daniel Alfredsson or a team named after a disney movie, will be a wonderful day.


  1. Oh man I forgot he is going to be on NBC....UGH!!!!!!!!! Maybe, I shouldn't watch the Finals....

  2. good thing he is going to be one sad panda...

  3. This is true but we do have to deal with him...

  4. Don Cherry's going to be on NBC?

    As long as Gary Thorne is calling the games, I'll be happy.

  5. Yeah you didn't hear about that? I'm not looking forward to it.

  6. Me neither.. I don't think Gary Thorne is calling the games either. I wouldn't think he would since he hasn't worked any other games yet (and his contracts with ABC/ESPN)

  7. Yeah I haven't heard anything about Gary Thorne I will look into it once I get home...(I'm at work right now you probably should feel sorry for me)