Stanley Cup Finals.. Who to root for?

So every round I try to jump on a teams bandwagon. Well that hasn't worked so well, as I have fallen off the Flames, Sharks, and Buffalo bandwagon in three straight rounds. So now I have a 1 in 2 chance to root for the winning team, the problem... I can't figure out who to root for.

Sure there are individual players I want to root for, but for every J.S. Giguere that I want to win there's a Brad May who can go to hell. For every Alfredsson there's a Chris Neal. Anaheim is the US's team, but they employ Brian Burke. They are also a Western Conference team... but they employ Brian Burke.

Since we on the left coast aren't really able to follow any Eastern Conference teams, well there's quite a bout of apathy for them. I'm not Canadian, so I could care less if a Canadian team wins the Cup. I like Alfredsson, and Spezza but not enough to really care. (Alfredsson has had a couple nasty hits that have made me like him less this postseason).

So I figured I would just wait for the games to begin. As soon as the game starts, I will find someone to root for right? Wrong. I was cheering for whoever happened to be behind. I want to see good hockey and a close series... but I really really don't care who wins.

So there you go.. I don't know. The good news is that the Hockey is fantastic. These are the two best teams and they were fun to watch in game 1. So even though I can't muster up any emotional attachment the quality of hockey is making up for it.


  1. I would like to see Anaheim win, just to see the uncomfortable look on Chris Pronger's face when the female reporter interviews him after the game.

  2. You'd think Pronger was the second-coming of Jesus Christ the way people talk about him anymore. Or maybe his wife is the second-coming. Or maybe that's just an inappropriate statement in general.

    I have no idea what I'm talking about.

    Anyway, I just can't root for the Ducks (May, Burke, et al.) and I really like Jason Spezza and Ray Emery, so I have to throw my Avs hat in the Senators' ring.

  3. Gotta go with the Ducks. As a goalie, I gotta root for Giggy over Emery. I'll take textbook butterfly-style over "I never met a rebound I wouldn't put back in the slot."

    Plus, since Alfredson's cheap shot in the Buffalo series, I've had a mad-on for the Sens. I hadn't seen any of the dirty stuff that Anahiem has done this year, other than reading about it on fine blogs such as this. Plus May's hit in the first game made me giggle like a schoolgirl.

    All-in-all, if anybody wants a Canadian team to wing the Cup, they should be pulling for Anaheim anyway. More Cunucks than the Sens. Plus, they have Ryan Miller's (aka USA's only hope in net) little bro on the team!

  4. I was on the Flames, Sharks and Sabres wagons as well. I still can't believe the Sharks were that bad!

  5. Yeah, being in San Jose, well it was a bummer for the city.

    They were mentally weak, they blew so many goals in the last minute of the period. They had that Detroit Series won, but gave up 3 goals in the last minute of a period in their 2 losses. Unbelievable