Jibblescribbits Challenge. Midpoint standings

For all of those of you out there following the Jibblescribbits playoff standings, here's a look at them after 2 rounds:

1. Kelvin 154.00
2. Alanah 146.00
3. Shane 142.00
4. Jibblescribbits 139.00
5. Mike 139.00
6. Faux Rumors 126.00
7. RJ 112.00

The big news is that I mioved into a tie with Mike, and am within striking distance of 2nd place. We still have those rascally Canucks at the top of the standings. The bad news is that I can only finish in second place no matter what, since Shane and I are left with identical rosters. It's also going to be tough, but not impossible, for either of us to catch Kelvin, since the only player we differentiate on is our Ducks (Kelvin jas Niedermeyer, We have Giguere).

One reason to cheer for Buffalo and Anaheim... Everyone in the pool has Danny Heatly, and all but one of us has Lidstrom. (Faux Rumors has Schneider... ouch)


  1. 1) Yes, not only did we err in picking the wrong goalies, we then go out and pick an injured player! We're toast!

  2. Still, I was the only one who picked Vokoun. At least everybody picked Marion Hossa too...

  3. At least everyone is guaranteed a top 10 finish!