Ding-Dong the Wings are dead

Enjoy the Day Avs fans... it's always nice to see the Red Wings season go down in flames.

To be honest though, I am excited about these Red Wings. With what appears to be the re-emergence of the Avs (hopefully some wise Free-Agents will make the Avs a very strong team next year). We can hopefully look forward to another decade of a very strong Avs-Beige Wings rivalry. Nothing is better than a good rivalry, and having a team to hate playing your favorite team makes every game much more fun and exciting.

So here's hoping the Wings stay good.. just good enough to lose to the Avs for years to come.


  1. You probably haven't been this happy since the Avs last playoff win. And a year and half a month is a long time to go without happiness. :)

    Just wanted to say I've been enjoying your blog for a while now and it's pretty good (well, not too shabby for something written by an Avs fan anyway). I moved to San Jose recently and your post about the town just waiting for a huge playoff run was spot on. The Bay Area has a pretty healthy hockey culture and it would be nice to see the fans rewarded.

  2. Ahh a nice little pot shot on the first post... I can respect that. But you're wrong.. I was even happier last year when the wings went out in the first round to an 8-seed ;)

    I am impressed with Bay area hockey fans, they are pretty smart and know their team well. I was really hoping for something to let that come out.

    Thanks for the compliments, they are always appreciated.