Avs Villians

The Joker: (Crazy player who looks like his face was deformed by a vat of acid): Dion Phaenuf. (honestly I don't know what Double D(ion) sees in this guy.)

Why is he a villian? He takes unneccessary runs at players to try and live up to his reputation as a big hitter, but completely crumbles when confronted by a Superhero (like he did when LaPerriere whooped him the last game of the season.

006 (Former teammate who comes back and haunts us): Paul Kariya. For eliminating us from the playoffs.

The Lizard:(Brilliant player who "undergo Therianthropic transformations and cannot control their savagery.") Jarome Iginla, and his performance in Game 5 of the Red Wing Series

Magneto: (Brilliant man who has a noble goal (Win the Stanley Cup) but employ's a hiddeous evil scheme (the Trap) to achieve this goal): Jaques LeMaire, Minnesota Wild coach.

The Red Skull: Evil warlord who employs thugs and lowlifes): Anaheim GM Brian Burke

Barry Hubris Todd Bertuzzi (Tried to be an Archnemesis, but is just pretty much a jerk)

Alliance of Evil: Detroit Red Wings

To go along with this one-
Apocolypse: Mike Ilitch

The Sandman A simple thug who works for money. : Jordin Tootoo

Lord Voldemort: Bill Wirtz

And Finally

Dr. Doom: none other than Gary Betteman

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  1. I think "Magneto" is perfect for Jacques Lemaire. Nobody steadfastly employs the trap more than that guy, even more than New Jersey.