Avs Awards.

In the Spirit of the NHL awards, and the fact I haven't done a post specifically about the Avs in a while, I think it's time to hand out my own special awards for the Avs season. With Spiderman-3 coming out this week, we might as well go with a superhero theme

Superman Award (Team-MVP): No brainer goes to Joe Sakic, and probably will every year until he retires.

The Wolverine Award (Vigilante Justice): This year it goes to Ian LaPerriere. For icing on the cake he decided to kick Dion Phaenuf's ass for stupidly going after Arnason the last game of the season. (who knew that undiciplined idiocy was going to be a sign of things to come)

The "Hiro Nakamura" award (Top Rookie): Almost as obvious a choice as the last two... Paul Stasny

Iron Man Award (Top Defensive Forward): We'll go with Brad Richardson. It's not really the best way to use him, but he developed into a pretty decent defensive forward (and led the Avs forwards in PK Ice time per game) and Short Handed Goals.

The Incredible Hulk Award (Top Goalie): Theodore or Budaj... wow. IF anyone needs me to answer this, just stop watching hockey. This is the most obvious award on the board.

Now for the really good awards...

Silver Surfer : Milan Hejduk in a win against Vancouver late in the season.

The Green Arrow Blankman (biggest waste of a roster spot): In the most incredible upset of the awards it remarkably doesn't go to Theo, but to... Brad May. Here's the reasoning: He was brought in to fight, yet didn't do it at all because of his hurt shoulder. And he's a waste of a human being (as any Wild Fan will tell you. Even Ducks fans feel that way), which pretty much makes him a waste of a bench space. Theo might be a useless goaltender but he is a good teamate and decent human being.

The Human Torch (Most likely to give me a heart attack) Brett Clark. He is, in my opinion, very inconsistant. He seems to lose the puck at times that cause 2 vs 1's. I am finally coming around on him, but he scares the hell out of me sometimes. (honorable mention to Budaj when he plays the puck behind the net).(The human torch likes to get the Fantastic 4 into trouble, but almost always bails them out when he does.)

Ben Grimm (Most reliable consistant player who you never notice, but don't take for granted): Andrew Brunette. Talk to an Avs fan about irreplaceable parts and the same names come up. Stasny, Sakic, Hejduk, etc. Ask them about Brunette and they say. Oh he was great this year, but he's never first in your mind. Kind of like Mr. Grimm It's clobbering time.

Mrs. Invisible (invisible player): Antii Laaksonnen. Don't worry Antti. Don't call us, we'll call you.

_are_evil (Player missing a dimension/sense in his game){it's got no D}: Marek Svatos.

and finally...

Batman Movies (player who comes on strong then fades later in the series): Woitek Wolski

Later some awards for players the Avs all in supervillians


  1. As a die-hard Green Arrow fan, I gotta argue his "waste of a roster spot" status. My vote for that would be Aquaman. Seriously, did you ever watch SuperFriends? Absolutely no use for that guy. Close second to Apache Chief.

  2. lol sorry. I was looking for useless superheroes and I didn't think anyone would like the Green Arrow.

    Aquaman is pretty useless, but maybe I'll change it to something even more useless....

  3. There we go... fixed it.

    I am not a DC Comics fan (i am much more into the Marvel Superheroes) so I had to take someone's word for it that Green Arrow was useless.

  4. Muuuuuuch better. To be honest, GA and Bats are about the only two DC characters I GAS about. I too am a Marvel guy above all others.

  5. You, sir, are a nerd. Nerd, nerd, nerd.

    And I am too.

  6. That is too funny,

    But I'm a more well-rounded nerd like Wierd Al