Who to root for.. a guide (part 2. Eastern Conference)

So yesterday I went over the Western Conference, a conference I have many more opinions about and am more familiar with. Today I go over the Eastern Conference, and who I am rooting for there.

1) Buffalo Sabres- I think all fans remeber Drury fondly. They are also a nice story, and who doesn't feel sorry for the city of Buffalo. Hopefully they wear the third jerseys and not the banana slugs one to make them even more likable.

2) NY Islanders- Only cause they're this season's only legit cinderella.. of coure they'll be gone in 4 (maybe even 3 and a concession)

3) Ottawa Senators- NBC wants Sidney Crosby... I want Buffalo-Ottawa in the second round.

4) Atlanta Thrashers- Besides being the team that is most likely to spoil a Senators-Sabres second round by losing, they are coached by Bob Hartly, which means at least a little in my book. has a division winner, from the division that produced the last 2 Stanley Cup Champs, ever received this little praise?

5)Pittsburgh Penguins- Western conference fans don't get to see Sid the Squid very often, so now we have the chance.

6) NY Rangers- Lundqvist is a nice story. Avery's an Ass. Shanahan is hated (ex L'Aile de Rouge). And hopefully Weeks doesn't play at all so the Avs can steal him as a backup to Budaj next year.

7) Tampa Bay Lightning- Hard to root for an underdog who won the cup 2 seasons ago. Lecavalier is the Pip (from South Park) of Hockey. Nice, talented, dorky as hell, and completely unlikable.

8) NJ Devils- 3 Stanley Cups from basically not playing in the West. While Dallas Detroit and the Avs were beating each other up in the 90s trying to get to the cup finals. NJ got to feast on the rest of the East. Plus people from NJ can't even root for this team, after 3 cups. Why should anyone else?

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