The second round rooting favorites

First of all I am glad to see that Game 7 lived up to the expectations I placed on it last night. It was a great game to watch, and the team I wanted to win won. So now we are left with Vancouver-Anaheim & San Jose/Detroit. Buffalo/NY Rangers and NJ/Ottawa in the east. So who's an avs fan to root for well he we go.

Buffalo/NY Rangers- Lets see Buffalo has Chris Drury, the city has faced the most crushing defeats and the hockey team means everything to the city. NY wins everything all the time and gets overplayed anytime they have any kind of mild success. Hmm no problem there

There are two reasons to root for the NY Rangers. 1) more gratuitous pictures of Sean Avery''s girlfriend
The other reason to root for the Rangers would be because if NY actually makes the conference finals ESPN might have to actually talk about hockey. Wait is that a good thing?

NJ/Ottawa- NJ... *YAWN* and the idea of a Buffalo Ottawa series, with that much venom between the two makes me salivate.

So yeah we're rooting for Ottawa.

Vancouver/Anaheim - Well many people would expect a die-hard Avs fan rooting for Anaheim over the once hated, (and still hated by some) Vancouver Canucks. There are multiple reasons to cheer for Vancouver in this series.
1) Brian Burke is the Anaheim GM. I can't say this vehemently enough. I don't think it's a coincidence that everywhere he goes, there seems to be an ugly on-ice incident that follows. (Bertuzzi in Vancouver, Brad May in the last series). Anaheim led the league in fights this season, and while I have no problem with fighting in hockey, It's an effective way of keeping dirty players from cheap shotting the more skilled players (May beware the Boogie man next year) and entertaining. I do have a problem with teams going out of their way to fight someone just for the sake of fighting someone, or to injure another player. Burke's teams fall into the latter, and I think he's the main catalyst for the Bertuzzi incident. If nothing else he created an atmosphere that allowed the seeds of revenge to be planted.

2) Brad May - Dirty player and classless. The Stanley Cup will be less prestigous if his name gets to share space with the names of "Sakic" "Forsberg" "Borque" "Messier" and even a red wing like "Yzerman". Let's keep it off the cup.

3) NW division pride- Umm i dont'know why, but I want NW decision teams to do well. (save Minnesota)

So there you have it, go Canucks


This one's easy.

I will protest with fellow Avs blogger Dear Lord Stanley that the sharks were the third dirtiest team in Round 1. I thought they played physical and tough, but didn't get dirty. That fine line they walked was why they were easily able to dispatch the Preds.

Another reason to like SJ? The Red Wings are scared of them
You can also check in on Dear Lord Stanley's rooting interests, as he breaks down who he is rooting for in each series and why. (Hint: it's not the Red Wings). All I can say is "Great Minds..."


  1. Elisha Cuthbert does seem like a very nice girl, doesn't she? Definitely full of "character".

  2. Yes yes she does. a very well-rounded nice "character"