Sadness...and the playoffs

First let me send out condolences and thoughts to Anyone with any kind of connections to Virginia Tech. That is an incredibly sad story, and one more in a long line of uneccesary shootings. Innocent young minds and lives have been lost, and nothing can ever replace them. What an incredibly incredibly sad story. Virginia Tech is the largest University in Virginia, and the university touches everyone. Just walking through the parking lot, in San Jose, CA, I saw a VT trailer hitch cover. MAde me sad immediately.I wish everyone in the campus and community all the best in their healing and grieving process.

There's not one possible transition I can make that won't sound cold, terse or at the very best awkward, it's not possible. So I will just have to start talking about hockey because that's what this blog is for, for the most part. And so it goes.

The playoffs are now in full swing. I was worried that I was going to ahave difficulty following the playoffs now that the Avs were out of it. I mean I have never watched hockey with the Avs out of it before, it's a brave new world. Well I have gotten into the playoffs, and I find myself fixed on the SJ-Nashville series, as well as the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series. Some notes about these games...

Is there a team more despicable that's fun to like than Nashville. They have been fairly dirty (Radulov's hit, and Hartnell's questionable knee hit) but they are fun to watch. San Jose is fun to watch too, and it's really unfortunante that one of these two teams is going to go home after only one round. This series already feels like a conference finals. And in case anyones wondering, when Forsberg is healthy, he's still one of the best. Kariya needs to start scoring goals if Nashville wants to win in this series. I hope this series goes 7, cause it's a fun one.

For pitt-Ottawa, well Sid the kid is the real deal. I know this is the in-depth hockey analysis you ocme to expect here, but us left coasters don't get to see him all that much. We just have heard the hype, but he's that good.

You know who's not worth the hype, Evgeni Malkin. Sure on the offensive end he's brilliant, but anywhere else on the ice and he's a liability. He may win the Calder, but I'll take Stastny on my team over Malkin any day of the week.

In touting Pittsburgh, I think it's clear Ottawa is the better team in this series. They have outplayed pittsburgh a ton and I just don't see Pittsburgh advancing this year. Sorry Sid, wait until next year.

Other notes...

Vancouver Dallas is a nice series, but it can be mind numbingly boring at times.

I haven't watched one second of 2 series.. Atlanta-Rangers, Minnesota-Anaheim. Of course, I choose Giguere for my fantasy goalie,a nd they started Bryzgolov, so I automatically hate them, bastards.

I love watching Buffalo too. They look good, like they are saving some fo the next round. Don't sleep on the ISles boys, but I think Buffalo is going to dispatch of them quickly and wait for the Rangers.

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