Playoff Hockey night 6

Another Darren McCartey commercial. Someone needs to die.

We’re back, and I’m as fried as these players, don’t expect much.

Luongo makes 3 good saves within 30 seconds of the beginning of the 2nd OT.

Another reason Hockey is better than other sports. The play-by play man mentioned Turco’s 1-6 playoff OT record exactly once in the first OT, and once in the second one (so far.) Seems pretty relevant. If this were Joe Buck calling the game we would have had 20 mentions, 2 “ghosts of playoff past” video montages, Buck talking about Turco as the play goes on in front of him and multiple close-ups of Turco drinking water as the announcers say he looks nervous. Even the bad hockey announcers are better than other sports.

Terrific glove save by Luongo. He’s keeping this game going… bastard I’m tired.

Dallas looks like the more experienced team here. The seem to know what they are doing in OT a little more. Bieksa catches Nagy with a high stick and gives Dallas the power play.

Vancouver is getting tired too. Another high stick gives Dallas the extremely rare OT 5 on 3. Dumb plays are killing Vancouver.

Vancouver survives the 5 on 3, and the tide feels like it’s turning in their favor now. Let’s see if they can be smarter and make that kill mean something.

Turco tries to make himself 1-7 in OT. He goes behind the net and loses the puck, and gives a good scoring chance to Vancouver. The crowd is getting restless, mainly with the refs.

Vancouver finally gets a shot… 13 minutes into the second OT. Crazy bounce almost comes off of Turco and in.

No more typing for me tonight… might not even watch the rest… good night.

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