Playoff Hockey night 5

We pick up the VS feed right in time to see a commercial for the playoffs featuring Darren McCarty. I think I’m gonna be sick.

Joined just in time for OT, 4-4 at the end of regulation. Sounds like Turco is in mid post-season form already. This is Luongo’s first playoff experience, either he’s handling it slightly better than the Penguins handled theirs, or Vancouver’s defense isn’t shoing up at all.

Apparently Vancouver was up 4-2 in the 3rd, and Dallas came back. Sound familiar?

After reading friend Jersey’s and Hockey Love’s live blog of the Pens-Sens I needed see for myself if Ken Hitchcock was as slow as tape said he was. Wow. It’s like watching Ross from Friends do hockey analysis. Excruciating, but strangely hypnotic. I guess the same can be said about Brian Engbloom’s hair. That is just bad. At least Keith jones and Brian Clement are in the studio.

Ducks/Wild are on too, but I can’t find them on the dial anywhere. I have NHL center Ice, is it just for regular season? Looks like Comcast will be getting a call tomorrow.

VS shows highlights of the Ducks/Wild game. Is there a luckier team than Minnesota? 2 posts and a breakaway stop.

Keith Jones just said Bryzgolav is playing in place of Giguere… awesome. Glad I picked Gigeure for my Playoff pool.

Vs. I’m a soccer guy. I love soccer. I love indoor soccer. I have played indoor soccer for close to 12 years, but putting Professional indoor soccer on the same promo as NHL playoffs (and rodeo for that matter) is just stupid, and insulting.

Start of OT as the Guinness has kicked in, hence the 8 scribbits (or are they jibble’s) before the OT puck even dropped.

Turco is 1-6 career in playoff OT… and he is 0-4 in game one’s. Dallas fans have got to be cursing and drinking heavily right now. Meanwhile VS is driving Vancouver fans to drink heavily by comparing Luongo to Cloutier. Hmm, apparently it hasn’t been a good night for Luongo.

Linden shoots wide on Turco. Good chance.

If the Nashville-SJ game was crisp and exciting, this OT has been, ummm sloppy to say the least. Lots of time in the neutral zone and passes missing their marks.

Finally some end to end action as Vancouver gets a shot, and Dallas counters and Luongo has to make a good save. Vancouver could have countered that, but another missed pass.

Random booing: Vancouver fans boo a non-icing call that doesn’t affect play at all. Vancouver doesn’t seem to be looking at the linesmen at all, that’s the second offsides that they seem to not know they were offside.

Cowen levels a Star in the corner, which leads to the Canucks getting a very good scoring chance, which leads to a power play for the Canucks. That was the hit of the night so far Nice job by the referee’s in this game for making the right call in this game.

More Vancouver passes that get intercepted and deflected by Dallas sticks. Capped by Naslund fanning on a pass later. The Vancouver power play was downright awful in that one.

Ducks beat the Minnesota Nap Inducers 2-1 on a great pass by Ryan Getzloff and some jamming at the stopped shot. Let’s hope they win 3 more in a row so we can rid ourselves of the most boring hockey professionals can play.

10:45 here, and I’m obviously starting to fade…(hey I get up at 5:30am)

End of Overtime. Second 2 OT game of the night.

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