Playoff Hockey night 4

Cat’s have food. Dogs are fed. Beer is poured, and we’re back for the second OT.

Hooking on Nashville. Finally a good call, however if I were a Nashville fan I’d be really pissed off. Nashville should have had 2 last period, as I’ve said before.

Even after the SJ power play Nashville seems to pick up where they left off, dominating play.

Forsberg another great pass to set up a scoring chance, safe to say he’s in form.

I think we’re seeing the beginning of a rivalry here, let’s hope these teams go 7. First Cheechoo goes out on an apparently dirty hit. I’ve seen a couple chippy shots after the whistle. And one of Nashville’s forwards just got dumped well after the whistle. Starting a 4 vs 4.

Guerin and Tootoo in the box, safe to say Nashville got the better of that one.

Wow Patrick Marleau on a breakaway Nashville D-man dives and swipes his stick clipping puck and skates. Marleau still gets off a dandy shot, but Vokun on his back makes a save with his forearm. Announcers want a penalty, which is probably the correct call, but it’s borderline. If the slashing at the end of the 1st period wasn’t called, that shouldn’t have been for sure. Of course that’s how this whole, don’t call penalties thing, starts.

Rismillar SCORES!!! 5-4 Sharks. Marleau makes a great pass to allow Rismiller to beat Vokun. SJ can consider themselves very lucky, and Nashville has to be bummed. Nashville really outplayed SJ in this game.

Onto the end of the Dallas-Vancouver game.

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