Playoff Hockey night 3

Jaime Foxx commercial airs again. Man I think the Wayan’s bros joke earlier was off base... he’s way more successful then all of them, combined. But what really brings a smile to my face thinking of the old Eddie Murphy music video. Was there anything cheesier than the 80’s?

Ahh Sudden Death OT. Nothing more intense in sports, oh how I have missed it.

Announcers pick OT game winner scorers, shockingly neither picks a Predator.

Thornton starts on a line with Grier and Bell. Strange way to start OT. Of course the nearly score so I guess Wilson knows what he’s doing.

All time Sharks playoff record_ 4-10. Sharks fans can’t be confidant.

SJ screws up a 3 on 1.5. SJ confidence has to be skyrocketing.

Player who looks the most out of place in a Nashville uniform… not Forsberg or Kariya, but Jason Arnott.

Brown (SJ) just missed a basically open net. Game should be over.

Very exciting overtime, back and forth with lots of scoring chances.

Pause for a second to close up the garage, and prick my finger on the garage door. In true hockey player spirit I would return, bloody and all.

Nashville controlling OT, but no win to show for it yet. And Forsberg makes a brilliant pass with 2 guys draped all over him to get his defensive man a shot… man I miss him.

Forsberg steals the puck at center ice, taking a big hit, then feeds it setting up a breaking Radulov who nearly wins it with a hat trick. Man you almost forget how brilliant Forsberg is.

Wow just end to end action here… a really good game.

Apparently that Cheechoo injury is pretty severe and Nashville got a 5-minute major for it. If it’s that bad (I didn’t see it) it needs to be a suspension and a big fine. Cheap shots need to be eliminated from the game.

This is how bad it is right now… The SJ announcers have said Nashville is dominating. Yeah that’s probably the best way to say it. Of course “San Jose is going to turn it around here”… umm sure they are. Anytime now would probably be a good time for that.

Another lazy clear by San Jose almost costs them the game. Man they look bad right now…

…On cue they lose Jordan Tootoo for a breakaway. Nabokov with a nice breakaway save. He is literally saving SJ right now.

Second most used cliché in the playoffs so far “Kept in by Nashville”

So long New NHL rules. SJ should have been called for an obvious too many men on the ice, but weren’t. How obvious? A SJ announcer says they got away with one.

“SJ’s inability to get pucks out has cost them tonight”. Wow, if nothing else it’s an accurate statement.

Thornton hits the opposite side of the net from 5 feet away. Another should have been game ender.

Wow. Dumont, from Nashville, has his stick slashed right out of his hands by the SJ defense, which allows SJ to clear the zone with less than a minute remaining in OT… So long new NHL, we hardly knew you.

End of OT… and I will say SJ is lucky to be here. Nashville had a ton of chances, with SJ having a couple sprinkled in. I do hate that they are missing (intentionally not calling) completely obvious penalty calls in OT. This is the crap that got the NHL in trouble in the late 90’s, and they are reverting back to it. Nashville dominated the period and SJ’s sloppy play should have been enough to warrant some completely justified Nashville power plays. Unfortunately some people (i.e. a lot of hockey) think it’s cheap to award power plays in OT of a playoff game. “Let the players decide the game” they say. But if you let a player get away with cheating (which SJ basically did 2ce here) you’re not letting them decide it fairly. Come on refs... have some stones and call some penalties.

On that note I need to run to the store for cat food before it closes... back for more in a few. Once I run out I can have some more sweet sweet Guinness.

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