More Calgary fallout

When I wrote my post yesterday, I hadn't seen all the crappy things that went on in the third period yesterday. I was lamenting on the Calgary loss, and hadn't seen any of the actions.

They need to be punished, severly.

This is the playoffs, and this is when your sport is on showcase. These are the kind of actions that get broadcast on sportscenter and have everyone talking about the problem with "fighting" in hockey. It's why we have these idiotic discussions about banning fighting in hockey every 4-5 weeks. The worst part is, fighting isn't the problem. These cheap shots ARE the problem. This kind of "sending a message" is the type of crap that escalates until someone hurts someone severely.

If there is a violence problem in hockey, this is it, and it's the NHL's job to punish it. Yes Detroit can send in their goon, whomever it is, and fight Iginla, and Langkow, but what's he going to do, go after the backup goalie? No, it's the NHL's job to go after this stuff. Word is in tha McClennan is suspended, the coach and Calgary as a franchise has been fined.

It's not enough. I like Iginla, a lot. I think he is a tough-hard nosed player and he's fantastic. As a Captain that is the worst thing he could do for the team, but the direction comes from the coach. The coach should be suspended for 1 game. Iginla for 1 and Langkow for 3. Mclennan for 10. Only those types of penalties will show people that this type of behavior isn't acceptable. If you lose the series in the next game because your Captain, Coach and top scorer are in the luxury boxes, well that's just too damn bad. Show some class and respect for the game in a loss and you won't put yourself in that position

The Calgary Flames should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. 1) We agree. As we have written a number of times we have no issue with fighting. However the problem in this game was that they went a bit too far trying to 'send a message'.
    2) A scrap or two is fine, but to send your back up goalie out there to use his stick like a machette is totally out of line. Playfair in our opinion got off lightly.