Last night...

I watched very little hockey (2-2 Sabres-Isles). Instead I went to a Shins Concert in S.F. Excellent concert. So i don't have much to add, except this...

Poor Bob Hartly, I hope this doesn't spell the end of his job. I think he's a good coach who got a SE division title out of an overachieving Atlanta team this season. They obviously need some help in goal, so I can only imagine them Going after JS Giguere in the off-season. They could probably use some defensive help, so it's probably good idea for them to go for one of them too (stay away from Hannan, he's ours).


  1. 1) We have an exact opposite view of Hartley's job performance. He deserves to be fired. Why?
    a) His misuse of his goalies. Pulls Lehtonen after one game (even though he's been the #1 guy all year. THEN when he goes back to him feeds him to the wolves by keeping him in there for the 7-0 pummeling
    b) His team didn't over achieve during the regular season, they coasted and almost lost the very weak SE division, THEN failed to show up for ANY playoff games!
    2) We usually would give slack to a Cup winning coach, but even a chimp could have won a Cup with Sakic, Forsberg and Roy, & co in their primes in Colorado.

  2. Well I can't argue much, only because I am not familiar with the Eastern Conference, and since Comcast Screwed me I only get national games, which haven't included any Rangers-Thrashers games (suprisingly).

    All I know is that:

    a)He coached the best Avalanche team in history (albeit a short history) ('00-'01) which gives him major points in my book.
    b)I didn't think Atlanta had a chance to win the SE
    c) they have improved every year under his coaching

    I think, in general, coaches are too quickly dismissed and replaced, and I think that is prevelant in the NHL. Yes there are bad coaches, but I think it's a mistake to pull the rug out from under a coach because of a bad performance. This is how we got Tony Granato as coach.

    Maybe this series wasn't Hartly's best series (any series where you get swept means everybody probably got outplayed) but I don't think it should cost him his job. The curve has definantly been on the upward trend for Atlanta and switcvhing now would seem, rto me, like a mistake.

  3. I found it interesting that VS chose not to show any of the Atlanta/NYR series. Of course, on Center ice I was stuck with the MSG channel which is very painful if you are not a Rangers fan.

    Hartley, he was outcoached. His starts did not show up and he made a big mistake in the goalie situation. Does he deserve to be fired? I'm still undecided on that one.

  4. Hartley has shown that he is a perfectly capable coach if given the right tools to win. He made that quite clear in 2001, when the Avs had all the right tools---possibly one of the most talented teams in the history of the NHL.

    Hartley does not have the right tools in Atlanta, and it's not his fault. Hossa did not just start sucking in the playoffs. He always has. Atlanta's goalies were not superb at all during the season, and performed poorly as predicted in the playoffs.

    Kovalchuk is a loose-cannon and has had past coach-related problems.

    None of this is Hartley's fault. He could have made better decisions at times, but what coach is perfect? If Atlanta wants to make the playoffs again, they should hang on to Hartley.