Jibblescribbits for the day...

Some random stuff to take us from through the day.

I wanted to add a link to a wonderful story on Chris Drury on SI.com. It's long (10 pages yikes) but well written and worth reading.

VS has it's critics, but a nice job in giving bonus coverage of the TSN feed of Buffalo-NY Islanders game. I got to see most of the 3rd period of that game. after Detroit pummeled Calgary.

No suspension for the Preds player who knee'd Cheechoo (one of the NHL's more talented players). Bettmen & crew just don't get it sometimes. More on this soon.

Hockey the main feature on ESPN.com? I must not really be awake yet.

Day 2 was a letdown from day 1, unless you're a Rangers fan.

And finally: Standings from the Jibblescribbits Playoff Challenge after Game 1.

1. Kelvin 25.00
2. Mike 25.00
3. Alanah 23.00
4. Me 23.00
5. Shane 23.00
6. Faux Rumors 18.00
7. RJ 18.00


  1. I had that same feeling too, that last night was a let down. Of course maybe that has to do with the fact that I can't stomach the Rangers or the Devils. I thought Calgary would play the Wings tougher but I was very happy with the way the Wings played. I switched over to Sabres vs. Fisherman after the Wings game. I still shake my head and wonder why the Avs ever traded Drury.

  2. Drury... Actually I forgot to add a link to a wonderful article about him at SI.com.. I will find it and put it up right now.

  3. We'll have to agree to disagree on the Cheechoo hit. Hartnell was in the process of making a clean hit on Cheechoo, who didn't have his head up. Cheechoo saw him at the last minute and in the course of trying to change directions and brace for impact, the players' knees collided. I find it really hard to see any intent to injure on Hartnell's part.

    BTW, the Drury article rocks. I read it yesterday and almost cried. At least they kept the references to the Avs glory days to a minimum... God I hope they sign him this offseason...

  4. Well I just saw the highlight, i didn't see it live, so I can't comment on how dirty the hit was, or Hartnell's intentions.

    The main point is that knee-to-knee collisions need to be at least an automatic fine and suspension. Thiose and head shots should be automatic, intetional or not. If people start getting fined for them, they will have to adjust the way they hit people to be a little safer.

    The NFL does this, and does it well, and it has worked well for them.