So I moved to San Jose halfway through the season from Colorado. Obviously I didn't need a full season of NHL Center Ice ($169) If I am going to only need it for half a season. So I called them up and asked them if they had a half-season package, they said yes it's $119.

Prefect I think. So my wife and I missed exactly 2 Avs games while we waited for it to be the half season, and then we purchased the package. Last night in my marathon live-blog I noticed I couldn't find Ducks-Wild on, but I wasn't too upset because, as I've stated millions of times before, Minnesota is boring.

Well I decided to look into it, just in case, and called up Comcast (especially since I couldn't find Sabres-Islanders to TiVo for tonight). Apparently If you purchase NHL Center Ice, full season, you get playoffs included. If you only get the half season package you don't get the playoffs included with that package. You can get the package for an extra $50

There are three major problems with this.

*What kind of fan watches 1/2 a season of hockey (or any sport, apparently the NBA pass works this way too) and doesn't want the playoffs being shown? This is just the dumbest idea since someone said "Let's make Slapshot 2" Even the drone on the phone knew it was dumb, but what's he gonna do, he's answering phones in the customer service department. He has exactly no power.

*This information was not divulged to me when I ordered the package. Probably because the guy telling me about the plan couldn't possibly fathom how dumb it would be to have one plan include playoffs, but not the other. IT probably didn't cross his mind (I know it didn't cross mine), but still if someone is going to have a policy this stupid, it's best to point it out so your customers don't feel screwed.

* Now the even more stupid point. It costs $119 for a half season package, plus $49.99, or $50, for the Chase for the Stanley cup. It costs $169 for the entire season WITH playoffs. Meaning if I say move to San Jose in the middle of the season and will only catch 1/2 the games It will save me exactly $1 to order the 1/2 season package+ playoffs instead of just going for the whole damn package. Even worse if I would have ordered the early bird special I would have had the entire season + playoffs for $149 meaning it cost people LESS for a full season + playoffs than a half season.

My blood is boiling now. how completely stupid is this....

Anyways that's all I can think about now even though there were 2 fantastic OT games last night I actually got to see.


  1. I'm sorry that happened to you. That is complete bull. Just another way to jack the fans around. I guess since you are in San Jose you were saved the dreadful Preds coverage which is what NHL Center Ice provided for the game last night. Terry Crisp is painful!

  2. yeah i saw he was bad, the guys over at NHLfanhouse mentioned it. The San Jose guys were pretty biased too, not sure there was much of an upgrade.

  3. I actually like Terry Crisp, as I see a lot of Predators games on Fox Sports South in one of Dear Lord Stanley's many secret headquarters across the US.

    He can be quite a homer, though, and he's better in small doses.

  4. I started responding but ended up with a marathon post on my site:

    The Centre Ice Online package...similar issues monetary wise. Worse issues in terms of tech support.