Hockey Playoffs night 1... post 2

We pick up the Sharks-Preds game at the 2nd intermission

We start off with a commercial for Jamie Fox, and his concert in the Bay Area… Wait a minute? Jamie Foxx sings? I thought he was a comedian, or an Oscar Winning Actor. He’s like all the Wayan’s Brothers wrapped into one man

Hmm Cheechoo went off with an injury RJ, or Mike (can’t remember which one picked him in the pool) won’t be happy.

Start of the 3rd period, 4-2 Sharks. Apparently with 3 unanswered by SJ.

Nice save by Nabokov while I let the dogs out.. Thank god for TiVo

I spend too much time reading Jerseys and Hockey Love’s liveblog of the Sens-Pitt than watching this game… but really it’s exciting.

Hmm 2nd Guinness of the night already... maybe I should slow down.

Power Play Nashville- Mark Bell takes a penalty for hitting Tootoo. Speaking of Tootoo when watching the Nashville-Colorado heartbreaker the other day My wife heard this name and couldn’t stop laughing at him for 10 minutes. I eventually came to the conclusion he is such an irritant because he has the same complex as Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”

Scott Hannan is limping…Whistle blows too early. Hannan still down from a shot block. Maybe It affects his ability to play defense and the Sharks won’t try to resign him making him take less to come to the Avs… a boy can dream.

Hannan to the dressing room. If he’s out the series the Sharks could be doomed.

And Nashville takes a very very questionable penalty. SJ announcers make it sound like an obvious penalty, but it was pretty bad. 4 vs. 4

Hannan is back, no worries yet for the Sharks.

Thornton a nice long pass, Mike Grier gets a pseudo-breakaway save Vokun.

Short SJ power play

Grier takes a penalty. Good discipline fellas

Power play Nashville… Nabokov good glove save off of Nashville rookie Radsjkdkalov

The SJ announcers are killing me. The puck comes out of the zone because the Nashville D-man slips and falls at the blue line as Kariya passes it back to him, and the announcer says “good penalty killing by SJ.” Are these Altitude rejects?

A nice close-up of Toskala looking bored and pissed of on the bench. Good job by the TV crew cutting away from him instantly, but you could see how pissed he was. Let’s just say I don’t think he’s going to accept a backup role next year.

“Great pass by Thornton, he perfectly lead him (Grier) but Grier couldn’t get to it” (mainly because the Nashville guy had it and Grier didn’t really have much of a chance at it… loving the biased announcing. Reminds me of the Altitude feeds.)

Goal Nashville 4-3… rookie Alexander Raddkjfdbalov. Great move by Radulov (maybe the actual right spelling this time) and beat Nabokov stick side. Apparently he played on Patrick Roy’s team last year, which makes me a fan of his.

Local network plays the very hick “There’s nothing wrong with Nashville” which I bet was recorded at least in the 70’s meaning every California Hockey fan continues to believe Nashville is a hick city completely devoid of intelligent life. I don’t know I’ve never been there, but I’m betting many residents don’t listen to that song.

Grier hooks both of Forsberg’s skates as Forsberg comes down the Ice at full speed. The SJ announcers suggest Forsberg dove… If dove means fall over Grier’s stick because it was under his blade, then, umm yeah.

The replay confirms Grier trips him. Power play Nashville

Umm why aren’t the Preds pulling the goalie... 3 minutes left in a playoff game and you could have a 2 man advantage in what is likely your last chance? I thought Trotz was a good coach.

10 seconds left in the power play… now Nashville pulls Vokun. Would have been more useful 1:50 seconds ago.

Tie Game 4-4. This is why I’m not a hockey coach. Weber scores from the blue line for Nashville with 50 seconds left. Nice screen by #71 Nashville.

On the replay they show an EXTREMELY bad clear by D-Miller(?) SJ. Ouch.



  1. Can you ever dring enough Guinness? I'm having Czechvar. Good Czech beer soon to be introduced again (yes, I know) by the Budweiser idiots. Hopefully, they don'tt F it up.

  2. When you work the next morning... yes you can drink enough Guinness.

  3. Less calories than a glass of milk, and nicely, more alchohol. It's 11:24 here in Florida, only 8:24 there, now buck up, trooper.