Hockey PLayoffs night 1... post 1

The Jibblescribbits semi-live blog of the 1st night of the playoffs

1st Period

Ottawa- 1 Pitt-0 Pitt’s goalie apparently didn’t realize this game was played on Ice, he looked mighty wobbly and was stumbling all over the place as the Ottawa defenseman easily put the puck by him for a 1-0 lead.

Power Play- Pittsburgh Well this might even things up for Pittsburgh as they are being thoroughly outplayed.

Crosby gets leveled behind Ottawa’s net

Nope, an odd man rush for Ottawa. Nice save by Fleury. At least Fleury has remembered how to skate

-An awful awful giveaway in front of the goal leads to an Alfredson slapshot that nearly beats Fleury.

Ray Emery should put a mannequin in goal and go for some nachos

2-0 Senators. A power play goal… wait they are on even strength?

I think one of the big questions asked at the beginning of the playoffs has been “How will the young pens handle the spotlight of the playoffs?” I think the answer is… not well.

10 minutes in… welcome to the game Ray Emery

The VS. guys just mentioned this is the 10th straight season the Senators have been in the playoffs. From the Eastern Conference the teams in the finals have been the Devils, Carolina, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, and a couple more completely forgettable teams…Umm they haven’t made it once? Wow

Most overused cliché of the playoffs so far… Pittsburgh fails to clear the zone.

Power play Ottawa, cause what Pittsburgh needed right now was the challenge of being down a player.

My mistake, 2 penalties by Pittsburgh leading to a 2 minute 5 vs. 3. But nothing pumps up a team like killing a 5 vs. 3, especially a 2 minute one. So the Penguins (Whitney and some guy I’ve never heard of) can be forgiven for trying to pump up their team right?

Nice save by Fleury, but is it bad I can’t tell the difference between this 5 vs. 3 and the rest of the game?

Wow on the replay Eaton makes a great play to save a goal… very nicely done

Fleury makes a very good save (noticing a trend here?) after the power play expires with no goal. I’ll go ahead and say it now. If Pittsburgh wins this game that missed 5 vs. 3 was the turning point in the series…. Ottawa could really regret that one. They don’t just have Pittsburgh on the ropes, they had them to an 8-count in this game and may have just let them back in this game.

And on cue they take a penalty… power play Pittsburgh.

Hey the Pittsburgh Power play looks decent. If Pitt was playing a man up all game it might not be 2-0 Senators.

Great blue line hit by the Senators to take the puck away from Staal, but the next Senator to touch the puck takes a delay of game penalty.

Vs Announcer “Just taking the penalties really hurts the momentum they (the Senators) have established in the first 5 to 7 minutes” Couldn’t agree more. It should be 3 or 4 nothing right now… this looks like it’s shaping up to be the NHL’s wet dream, if Crosby can lead the Pens back to a game one win..

Just as I say that I fuck up the TiVo and see the live score… 6-2 Ottawa. Needless to say Pittsburgh never picked up the intensity... time to find the Sharks-Preds game…

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