The Duke of Denver

Hello Milan Hejduk... I would like to personally extend a warm welcome into the Royalty of Colorado. Your hat trick (and overall spectacular play last night, on BOTH ends of the ice) has put you in elite company. Last night's game was the crowning moment in a royally superb season and you have now joined the list of colorado sports kings.

So, as an extension of the Fans of colorado I pronounce you the Duke of Denver, which is what you shall be known from here out.

Wow... just Wow. Hejduk was something else last night. In a show of individual brilliance that I have seen few times before Hejduk gave everyone else the night off and beat the Canucks, with a little help from Budaj (who was also spectacular.), and Stastny I really think Hejduk would have had 5 or 6 goals had he been playing against any goalie not named Luongo.

He had the three goals, including his a marvelous one to cap the hat trick. His work on the defensive end was also very crisp and solid, playing well on the penalty kill and backchecking very well. He made great cuts to the net and was in the right place every single time he was on the ice tonight. He was remarkable last night.

Not to be lost was Budaj's solid play last night. I was a little down on him after he gave up that shorthanded goal to Freisen on Tuesday, and he still needs to work on directing his rebounds, especially on 120ft shots, to the side boards and not out in front of him. Not sre which Dancing Sedin clone it was (H. Sedin or D. Sedin) but he will be having nightmares about Budaj's kick saves until the Sweedish lab he came from grows another Sedin to replace him with.

Now it's time for the Avs to bargain with the Oilers and let the Albany River Rats loan out their players to the Oilers for Saterdays game. If nothing else one of them can take Lupul's spot and play some defense.

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  1. Will the Oilers beat the Flames? They'll show alot more pride against Calgary I hope!

    Hejduk is sic. He absolutely destroyed us.