That feeling

So have you ever watched The Empire Strikes Back? You knwo the part where Luke goes into the cave and fights Darth Vader, but the mask on the helmet explodes and he sees his own face. It's a somber grimm reminder that he, too, is not immune to becoming evil. Well that's what I felt like last night cheering for the Chicken Wings to beat the Flames. Some Jibblescribits for what I saw of that game:

  • Man the Chicken Wings don't look like a very good team, at least not last night. Calgary looked more talented, more disciplined and like they had better goaltending. Of course Calgary was at home.
  • Pavel Datsyuk is a great skater, and I was wrong to say he was a diver on Abel to Yzerman the other day. If the Chicken Wings are dumb enough to let him go this summer I wouldn't mind seeing the Avs make a serious run at him.
  • Dominik Hasek, on the other hand IS a diver.
  • Highlight of the night: The Floppinator's dive would make Christiano Rinaldo blush. (Christiano Rinaldo is a Portugese soccer player who was the worst diver at the World Cup last summer. He is notorious for diving).
(For the best view I can find go to and click on "Broadband" and Calgary/Detroit Highlights. It's not the best view because it looks like Iginla may have made contact, but the best angle came from behind the goal. I will hopefully find this link and have it later today.)
  • Of course while the Floppinator was falling on back acting like he'd been shot Huseilius scored an easy, GAME WINNING, goal.
  • Avs need to win tonight, luckily their playing Edmonton.
  • The world can go back to normal. Hell's temperature can go back up. Cats can stop chasing dogs, and pigs can be grounded... And more importantly I can cheer against the Chicken Wings.
Seriously last night was rough. I kept have to constantly remind myself that the Red Wings scoring was a good thing.

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