Staying Alive

Well the Avs make it interesting don't they? A short post today because I am pretty busy and don't have a lot of time to go in depth.

Calgary has got to cool off. Luckily their next 3 games are

While Colorado's games this week are:

Watching the Avs game last night just made me realize that there's no room for error now. IF they lost last night they were done like dinner. They almost need to win out in order to get a spot. Luckily they stilol have those 2 games against Calgary or they would be almost done right now.

Side Note: I'm travelling for work this week so I probably won't be able to catch much of the Tuesday game so I will have to rely on the Avs Talk and the In The Cheap Seats recaps to let me know what's going on.


  1. 1) Nice to see that the West has at least one race of interest.
    2) Meanwhile the East gets murkier with each passing day!

  2. yeah well if calgary keeps winning, the west race will be over