No one's reading...

Ok this is just a frustration post, mostly of my own doing lol.

So the point of blogging is to hopefully get people talking to me about different thoughts on my mind. Whether it be last night's Avs game (Budaj looked really good), Soccer, or other sports related thoughts (mainly focused on Hockey right now). My biggest problem with sharing them is advertising my blog without sounding campy or cheesy, or spamming.

It's really frustrating when I feel like I have really good, intelligent, things to say that I think could spurn at least some good thoughts from people, but I know no one is reading. For example today there's a story on on the Bertuzzi-Moore hit that got me thinking and It cause me to have some really good thoughts. What's the point of sharing them when they are just going to be ignored by everyone but me?

Well anyways I'll keep holding on to them, and post them when the time is right (i.e. i get more people reading) but maybe i'll post them anyways. The best way to get people reading is to post good stuff consistently right?

Aw well, we'll see.


  1. I feel your pain. I've definitely had "why the hell am I bothering" days. In the end, my approach is to just post what I find interesting; if others enjoy it - great. if not, I'm still having fun.

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  3. Deleted my last comment, cause there's no edit to it...

    Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I shouldn't be as frustrated, since I have only been posting regularly for a couple weeks now and I know it takes time to build people and get people to see my site.

    At the same time, I have a lot of thoughts and opinions built up, and just want to let them all out, but I know I should hold off until more people actually know of my blog. Guess it's all part of putting in the legwork of a successful blog.

    Thanks for the encouraging words, their helpful

  4. The true frustration of blogging, how few people comment. Don't take it personally, as people get to know you and your personality, they will feel more comfortable commenting. It's just the way it works, and the sad truth that blogs are not the perfect format for a conversation.

    Mind you, I was going to comment somewhere else on your blog before, but I could not do so without using my old blogger login, which is no longer what I use. Now I can do so easily.