NHL in Europe.

I really like the NHL's plan to have regular season games in Europe. Honestly I think they should have more than 2 games, but this is a really good step in the right direction. Let's hope that in future years the NHL looks into getting teams playing in more cities. Maybe the Ducks, with Selanne, in Helsinki or The Predators (or whoever Forsberg ends up going to after the season) against the Red Wings (with Lidstrom) in Stockholm.

I think the NHL has the most mature tapable international market out there and the NHL has done little to getting into this market, other than the Olympics and a couple NA vs the world All-Star Games. There are Hockey-Savvy and Crazy countries out there (Russia, Czech, Finland, Sweeden) and others that have a healthy interest in the sport (England apparently, Germany, Latvia, Norway) and it's a shame the NHL is going to play it's first regular season game abroad after the NFL. (Not criticizing the NFL here, but I have to say the world is less ready to embrace the NFL than the NHL).

In a future post (a couple days maybe) I'll outline what I think would be a very reasonable plan for the NHL to work in some European Teams. I think It's an idea and something the NHL should be looking into in 10 years time.

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