I disagree with a lot of Denver Sports fans on a lot of things. Like the Rockies are a "professional" baseball team, or Darren McCarty has a soul (granted it's a black bottomless well of evil, but I still think he has one). But I think we can all agree that Scott Parker is a complete madman who makes his living playing hockey.

He's got a lot going for him, the best being "I don't care that I have only been on this team (again) for 2 weeks. You touch my guys and the pain train is coming." I am sure everyone's heard the old cliché "Shoot first and ask questions later," and I don't think that's a cliché for Scott Parker. I think that's his calling in life. Personally I think he should give all his interviews as a WWE character, and we give him some cheesy yet oddly cool nickname. (My nomination is Scott "Insane Train" Parker, but I am more than willing to take suggestions).

In the last few games he has
  • nearly gone over the boards to hit (possibly kill) a guy who put a mild hit on a 3rd line teammate
  • jawed on the bench at that guy for the rest of the game
  • cross-checked a guy in the back (while he was on the ground) because he took a hard, but legal, hit on Guite. (BTW the Avs scored short-handed on the ensuing Power-play)
  • Completely steamroll Hecht (Buffalo) because he had the audacity to touch Guite after a hard hit by Guite on Briére.
Frankly this is the type of attitude this team was lacking, and I think it's paying off. With, the departed, Brad May being unable to fight and actually thinking he might contribute on the team and LaPerriére taking over as tough-guy for the Avs, when that really isn't his role (he's an agitator) we needed someone to step in a know his role as the protector and intimidater. Again this is what Scott Parker seems to live for. I don't see how Scott Parker doesn't intimidate everyone. Joe Frazier was scared of one person, Muhammed Ali. Why was he scared of Ali? cause he thought Ali was crazy. I think Scott Parker plays this card very, very well.


  1. I'm ok with Parker being called "the sheriff". For whatever reason it suits him and he's already called that by the media.

    He's been a great addition to the team so far. He's doing what is expected of him, no more, no less.

    And when I saw the look on his eyes are he leveled Hecht and then was just begging for someone to retaliate...I was a bit scared for the Buffalo players on the ice!

  2. Yeah "The Sherrif" is ok, but I just don't think it properly displays the...ummm... bloodlust I think Parker has (and I mean that in the best way possible).

    It almost seems as thuogh he said to himself «Screw it, I'm playing Hockey. It'll be like legalized barfights, and I won't get a legal record»

  3. I've always been partial to Scott "Bat-$h!t-Insane" Parker, myself.

    First time I saw him dress for the Avs this season I said, "When did the lead singer for Anthrax make it to the NHL?"

    PS, you've been added to the Favorites alongside Shane. :)