Houston names

Ok a quick thought on Houston Sports teams... what the hell has happened to the people naming these franchises these days. Houston Texans? Houston Dynamo? are you kidding me?

Not only is Houston Texans completely stupidly preposterous, (before you decide to e-mail and bash me, how dumb does the Boston Massachusians or the Los Angelas Calinfornians sound. This is how the rest of the country views the nickname "Texans") but the nickname has already been used. Apparently the people who chose this nickname had the thought that "Well somone used this name before, so it can't be that stupid." There is only one possible acceptable reason for voting for this nickname and that is that people from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and every other city and town don't like Houston and want to make it look as foolish as possible. This is the only excuse.

As for Dynamo, what the hell is that? I realize there's European teams called Dynamo Kiev and others, but if you're going to go that route call it Dynamo Houston. Stay consistant. Real Salt Lake is fine, but the Salt Lake Reals would have been absurd. Besides why do we have to mimic european teams anyways. I realize some have partnerships they want to showcase, (like Real Salt Lake, Chivas USA, etc) but teams can still be successful at the gate with classic american nicknames. Colorado Rapids, Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire even the Los Angeles Galaxy have been successful with classic (albeit dumb) names.

Come on people, I am tired of stupid sports teams nicknames, let's get some people together and come up with a list of acceptable names here huh?

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