Hope springs eternal

So as my last post pointed out, I thought I was resigned to watch the rest of the season without the hopes or delusions of the playoffs dancing in my head. I was going to see if:
  • Stastny could keep his points streak going
  • Sakic will finish strong (like there's a doubt)
  • The rest of the young players will continue to play well.
Then, last night, they not only beat Calgary, but destroyed them. It wasn't even close. That makes me cautious because the score was only 3-2 Avs (as I predicted {Yossarian}). However the Avs are "Only" 3 pts out, have an easier schedule than Calgary and still play them 2ce. I should no not to give up until it's mathematically impossible.

It's nice to see the Avs play well for a continued stretch this season.. hopefully (playoffs or not) it continues into next year. I think the biggest thing with a young team is inconsistency and I think that's been the Avs biggest struggle all year.

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