Listen of the teams in the NW division, Vancouver is one of the teams I don't mind as much. sure their fans are completely delusional whenever they try to defend Bertuzzi and say Moore had it coming and it was his own fault. That angers me to no end. Other than that they aren't too bad. I like Naslund, like the Sedin Twins, I have always liked Luongo and felt sorry for him that he was in exile in Florida. I always kinda liked them before the Avs came to town.

So it's not too difficult for me to cheer for them tonight. Also I hate the Minnesota Wild.. HATE them (well right now at least). So I would rather see Vancouver win the division than Minnesota anyways, so GO CANUCKS!!!

About the game today... Brett Clark is the most baffling player this season. One minute he makes a great play, like his fantastic blocked shot late in the game or on the 2 vs 1 where he went down and took away the pass, but sometimes he makes mind numbing mistakes. Like the 2 pucks he let get by him on the Blue line today. I just can't figure out if I like him yet or not.

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