Coming to grips: It may not be the Avs year

Let's put the title into perspective a little bit. I was not delusional to think the Avs could win the cup or challenge for it this year. That would be absurd. I was hoping for a playoff spot, and up until the last 2 weeks this looked like a possibility. I'm not conceding it yet, but it will take a major miracle to get in. I think the Avs season really is symbolized by this last week of play.

The Avs came into late February needing 2 things. Them to get hot, and one of 4-5 teams to at the very least be a .500 team.

So the Avs do their part going 5-0-1 in their last 6, earning 11/12 possible points... but not one of the other 4-5 teams even came close to going cold. Here's a look at the last 6 games for the teams the Avs could have caught:

Minnesota: 4-1-1 earning 9/12 possible points
Calgary : 4-1-1 earning 9/12
San Jose: 3-1-2 earning 8/12
Vancouver: 5-1-0 earning 10/12

So of all the teams the Avs needed to tank the 4 closest to them went a combined 16-4-4 earning 36/48 points. Not one of the four teams had a remotely bad week. The only team that even had a .500 week was Dallas going 2-2-2 e. 6/12. But all that did for the Avs was put Dallas 10 points ahead of them instead of 14.

So there you have it. The Avs only chance is to beat Calgary all 3 times they play them, in regulation, and still get some help from the teams playing Calgary. That's just not a likely scenario.


  1. Well, part 1 of keeping post-season dreams alive was accomplished last night. Now they need to take care of Phoenix (unlike how the Ducks took care of Columbus) and keep the momentum.

  2. You're right.. they aare just close enough to keep my hopes alive