Catching Fire (well Flames)

The Avs need to do some serious work in order to catch the Flames. Let's try to find their best shot at doing this. Let's look at the Avs remaining Games:

Avalanche :
@ Phoenix
San José
@ Edmonton
@ Edmonton
@ Vancouver
@ Phoenix
@ Calgary
@ Vancouver


@ Chicago
@ Minnesota
@ Minnesota
@ Vancouver
@ San Jose
@ Colorado

So the Avs also have a
game in hand. Let's start at the most critical games and work our way down, and see the Avs best chance to gain points...

First and foremost the Avs MUST win the game in Hand.. doesn't matter which one we count that as, but they HAVE to win it. Since the Avs play back-to-back and Calgary doesn't this weekend. We'll call the San José game Sunday the game-in-hand. The Avs MUST win it...+2pts

The next most important games are the 2 against Calgary. I think winning both in regulation is a little too far to stretch (especially since they won the last one in regulation) but they must win both, and allow Calgary at most 1 point. So they must gain 3 points there...+3 points. The good news is if they take care of their business (i.e. win the games they should) they only have 3 more points to make up. I think all games after the above ones are the same, so let's look at the NW division

In the NW division the Avs play:
Edmonton x 2 (away)
Vancouver x 3 (1 at home)
Minnesota x 1

In the NW division CGY plays
Minnesota x 3 (1 at home)
Edmonton x1 (at home)
Vancouver x 1 (away)

I think these schedules are pretty similar, with the Avs having one more game here... The Avs have to gain 2 points in these games (meaning only 1 point more, plus one from the NW game in hand)...+2pts

So the Avs have Phoenix twice and Nashville once (remember we counted SJ as the game in hand). Calgary has Nashville, Detroit, Chicago and San José

The Avs only need to gain a point here, but are short a game to do so. So the Avs need to beat Phoenix both times, and "push" with Nashville (i.e. CGY and COL need to earn the same amount of points against them). This means we need SJ or Chicago to beat CGY, but it can be in overtime Leaving one game left...

CGY vs DET. That's right Avs fans We have to root FOR the Red Wings (in regulation). I know this goes against our very soul, and our core being but sometimes you have to take one for the good of the team. MY recommendation.. Drink a lot of beer so you numb your soul for this game.

Oye sports make me a good way though

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  1. If there is one thing I hate about a conference heavy schedule, it's the amount of times I have to pull for a team I hate. My heart and my hockey are not in line with each other. It isn't right. Having to pull for the Wings makes me feel dirty.

    Now, if there were a few more Eastern Conference games going, I could root against the West with no conscience issues at all.