Avs:6 Blackhawks: 1

Jibblescribbits on last nights Avs-Blackhawks game:

Man Budaj is pretty good, most of the time, but I'd like to see him push his rebounds to the corner a little bit more. There seems to be a lot of nice rebounds that seem to go right out in front. A few weeks ago against Calgary (I think) he left one out front that Klee tried to clear, and it ended up on the Flames stick, and he had an easy putback. That goal cost the Avs at least a point, and maybe 2 which would be crucial right now for a playoff push. The Avs Defense isn't physical enough to clear those all that well.

Speaking of physical defense, the avs obviously need to get some this offseason. I think Klee is pretty physical, and the newbie Finger looks like a pretty tough guy, but they could use another guy who can push guys out of the crease. That was the nice thing about Blake was that he could do that and play offense well.

Brett Clark just scares me, and he's probably my least favorite player. He does add a bit to the offense, but his Defense can be a problem. He always seems out of position or he seems to give up the puck at the wrong time. He gave up a 2 vs. 1 that Wolski had to really hustle (and the Avs announcers did a good job pointing out Wolski's hustle, but not Clark's blunder) to stop. It still led to a good shot by Havlat (I think).

Minnesota crushed Edmonton last night, which didn't help the Avs at all. I know hoping for playoffs is a real longshot, and the Avs season probably ended when they lost 3-of-4 to Cal, Van, Cal, Min 2 weeks ago (and then the next 2 to the 2 So. Cal teams).

Nice to see the role players scoring some last night, and nice to see Finger pick up his first goal. I was hoping he'd get in a fight for the Howe-hat trick, but a goal and an assist are good for him, but I think a fairer question was Did the Blackhawks give up? Letting 2 goals in AFTER giving up an empty netter seems like they weren't even trying the last few minutes. If that's the case then the Avs had every right to run it up a little. Act like professionals gentlmen geez.

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