Avs: 4 Chicken Wings: 3 (OT)

Well It was nice to see another heated Avs-chicken wings game yesterday (even if it had a local start time of 9:30 am). My thoughts for the game are:
  • Jeff Finger is the physical Defensive man they really needed. He may be a rookie and make mistakes, but he is planting people on their asses and punishing fore checkers and net loiterers. Pair him with Klee against opposing forwards and call them the Black-and-Blue duo.
  • Brett Clark is not a good defender. He was completely beat which lead to Holmstrom's penalty shot. He does a good job at jumping into the play when they need a goal, but he just doesn't cut it when defending his own goal (which is a problem since that's what he's getting paid to do)
  • I keep forgetting Budaj is only 24 years old. He is going to be good, and he's making me rethink my strategy of getting Biron in FA this summer. Maybe just a vetren back-up to eat some starts when he's being inconsistent (as young goalies are) . I won't feel comfortable with Budaj and the new minor-leaguer in there next year, but maybe Budaj and a backup like Brian Boucher (UFA-Chicago).
As for current needs. The Avs REALLY need one of these teams to really tank: SJ, Minnesota, Vancouver, Calgary. Of the 4 Here are my reasons for wanting one team to tank more than the other three, in descending order (i.e. the top team i want to tank the least. But if any of them fall and the Avs sneak in i will be happy)
  • San Jose:
    • I live in the area which means i could possibly score tix for whomever they play, and playoff hockey is always fun to go to, even if you aren't cheering for anyone in particular. (besides they have already been crashing, can they continue that? I think they are too talented to continue losing like they have)
  • Calgary
    • Tanguay, and Yelle are well-liked former Avs. Besides any hockey fan has to like watching Iginla play right?
  • Vancouver
    • Don't really like them, but it seems the longest shot at this point. Naslund is pretty good and fun to watch.
  • Minnesota
    • MOST BORING HOcKEY TEAM EVER. The thought of watching these guys in a best-of-seven series almost induced me into a comma. Didn't the league try to outlaw this style of hockey.
So there you have it, also the Avs have 2 more against the Wild, so i will be cheering for them to lose (but if there is a god not watching them.)

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