Alabama, a hockey black hole?

I am back from Alabama, where saying " I enjoy hockey" is about the equivalent of saying "I enjoy Sumo Wrestling".. you're looked at a bit odd.

Anyways since Internet access was expensive ($10/day) and there was no hockey news there (and i mean NONE i didn't even find out the Avs lost to Vancouver until about 4pm on weds). I don't have much to say about anything Hockey today. If anyone wants I can fill them in on Humidity, the relative wackiness that is the Southern Drawl and people who are obsessed with college football to the point that it's the main conversation piece at the end of March.

I got back today to learn that and Avalanche hockey columnist Terry Frei, obviously reads Jibblescribbits

Just kidding i don't know if he does or not, but I will believe it.

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