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Lot's been happening since I last posted. So I'll have to catch up, and try to stay on a good schedule for posting. Anyways, let's go to Soccer, because that's where I've had the most thoughts lately, so we'll go with my Jibblescribbitz soccer thoughts:

First The David Beckham Signing (I know I know this was a while ago). Good for MLS. Anyone who argues this is NASL again can be dissmissed as ignorant, they obviously don't know that MLS has put in rules to keep this from happening. A more intriguing signing will be Renya. He has been Captain America, and America's first true great field international (Keller and Friedel being the GK's). IT will be nice to see him come home and if nothing else I think he will be able to show some of the young MLS players what it takes to get there.

Rapids/Arsenal pairing. Anything that gets an MLS club more pub is good. I like the new unis, and think it plays well into the CO sports scene. I hope this results in some friendlies with Arsenal. I hope the new stadium for the Rapids is a good thing. I like the stadium, and love the new complex, but the location is really bad. No good access (maybe the road construction over there fixed that). But one nice thing about it being at Mile High was you could take the light rail down, and it was near a heavily hispanic neighborhood. The Rapids are one of the few teams in the league who do a pretty good job of taking advantage of their spanish population, and moving the teams games may hurt them in the short term.

The SuperLiga is a great idea and kudos to the MLS for pulling it off. One thing that bothers me so much about MLS isn't the suopposed lack of skill many critics site, it's the lack of intensity. Playing in 1/4 filled NFL stadiums was intensity killing enough, but having a league where 70-80% of the teams made the playoffs means that teams coast through the regular season. At least there will be some intensity now as teams vie for Superliga inclusion. (It would be better if the MLS went to 3 teams in each conference (6 total), with the top seed earning a first round) bye.)

Ok That's all for now

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