What's Duke doing for Duke Lax?

So remember last year when Duke Lacrosse players were chastised, ridiculed and convicted without a trial? Well it sure seems like we all owe them an apology. What's more Duke University owes them a giant apology.

Duke ruined some of these poor kids lives. They have 4 years of Lacrosse in college, and they basically lost a year because they were presumed guilty until proven innocent. They received numerous taunts from people around the nation, but no one was harder on these students than their fellow students and professors. Are the kids completely innocent, probably not. They may have been boys behaving badly, but behaving badly and illegally are two very different things.

Duke is an institution of higher learning, and has one of the finest Law schools in the country. Why couldn't the campus (not just students, but professors who represent the school) understand one of the most basic, and fundamental, tenets of our constitution, that all men are innocent until proven guilty. Duke should give these players their tuition back for the last year.

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